EPA Lead Certification Training Course Maryland

The EPA Lead Certification course which consists of 8 hours, focuses on training each individual on how to work safely with lead-based paint, and grants each trainee certification for the course after proper examination. Renovation firms compel that there be least one certified Renovator who has successfully been certified from a local authorized trainer (depending on your local state specifications), as well as a firm certification which will be assessed in your training course.

Why is the workshop necessary?

  1. In the event that you are not certified by an EPA approved instructor, you are prone to charges up to $37,500 each day that you are working on a project in a building that was constructed before 1978.
  2. Appropriate training is the only effective solution to avoid hazardous health effects among adults and children.
  3. Our Lead Renovator Workshop is an interactive, intense learning experience that targets the evaluation of real-world examples, serves hands-on demonstrations, supplementary reference elements for future use, ongoing phone/email support from your trainer and more!