EPA Lead Certification Training Course Alaska

Alaska – Various building components containing lead-­based paint are now being remodeled, and the act of renovation sets significant health threats to pregnant women and kids. In 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced a new rule in the Toxic Substances Control Act concerning “lead­based paint dangers generated by renovation, repair, and painting measures that disturb lead­based paint in schools, housing and child­occupied facilities.” The EPA’s RRP rule, which impacted last April 2010, immediately involves general and specialized contractors by requesting them to get certified if they’re working on a specific facility and to provide alerts to let people acknowledge of the dangers.

How and when does a contractor get certified?

Early April 2009, lead­based paint safety certification training programs authorized by the EPA are actually available to building contractors.

Presently, you are unable to do renovations to specific facilities except if you’re an EPA certified renovator or an exemption does apply. EPA lead-based paint safety certifications should be renewed every 5 years.