Able Safety Consulting provides a quality New York Lead Certification course, which is taught by a select few of instructors that eat, sleep, and breathe construction.

New York Lead Certification Course

When you participate in our lead courses you leave with much more then a lead certificate, you leave with a wealth of knowledge on how to better run your business and stay in compliance with New York Lead Certification laws.

Our 8 hour New York Lead Certification course includes hands-on training that will prepare you to apply the proper techniques in the field while protecting yourself, your business, your employees and most importantly the kids who are put at risk when lead-safe work practices are ignored.

Able Safety Lead instructors will make your 8 hour lead safe renovator course as painless possible by using different interactive educational techniques that are both fun and informative. Every class has multiple breaks so students have brief pauses in the classroom that will help them stay more alert during the course. We also serve breakfast and lunch and every class.

Our instructors will be happy to answer any questions you have whether its related to lead based paint or not. Our instructors have many years of experience in both the construction industry and a classroom setting and will more than likely be able to successfully answer any questions you may have.


EPA RRP Certified Renovator – In 2008 the EPA put the RRP rule into effect. The RRP rule states that individuals performing renovation, repair or painting activities on homes built prior to 1978 and disturb more than 6 square feet of space are required to become a lead safe certified renovator. In order to become an EPA RRP Certified Renovator individuals must complete an 8-hour lead training course. The course will instruct students how to work while using lead safe work practices and how to prevent lead contamination. The initial course will certify  renovators for 5 years, after which they will be required to renew their certification. During the interactive 8-hour initial course students will be required to participate in hands-on activities as well as take a final exam to show they are able to implement what they have learned in the field. If you are already certified and are looking to renew your certification, please take a look at our 4-hour online refresher. View our locations and schedule below and sign up to become a lead safe certified renovator today!

  • Why lead-based paint is a problem during renovations.
  • What the EPA and HUD regulations require of Certified Firms and Certified Renovators.
  • How to determine if lead-based paint affects work.
  • How to begin the work.
  • How to set up the work area to contain dust.
  • How to work in a lead-safe manner.
  • How to clean the work area and verify cleanliness.
  • How to dispose of waste safely.
  • How to document your work.

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New York Lead Certification Course