EPA Lead Safe Refresher Training Course Idaho

Accomplishment of this training class is needed to renew an individual as a Certified Renovator. This EPA lead safe refresher training course needs to be completed before the expiration of your license.

EPA Renovate, Repair, and Paint (RRP) Refresher Course

Is it time to renew your Renovate, Repair, and Paint (RRP) Certification since the law’s release in 2010 ? Federal law asks that contractors doing work renovation, repair and painting jobs that disturb lead-based paint in houses, child care facilities as well as schools constructed before 1978 be certified and also follow specific work procedures to avoid lead contamination.

If you happen to be already a Certified Renovator, make sure to take your 4 hour refresher training course before your current certification lapses. EPA regulations point out that any Certified Renovator, whose RRP certification has ended, even by 1 day, will no longer be qualified to take the 4 hour RRP refresher training course and should re-take the 8 hour initial RRP course once again. There is absolutely no penalty for taking your 4 hour EPA refresher course early.