Why do I need to complete this training?

The new rule implemented by the EPA states that any contractor performing activities during renovation activities on buildings or spaces built prior to 1978 must receive a lead certification certificate under the Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule. If Individuals fail to adhere to this rule they may face fines of $37,500 per day of work. The price of becoming certified is around 1% of the cost of one fine issued by the EPA for failing to comply.

Should I become a certified renovator if I am already a certified abatement supervisor?

Yes. As a certified abatement supervisor, you will also be required to complete a portion of the lead safe renovator course by completing the 4 hour EPA RRP Refresher Course. This rule also applies to anyone who has completed the lead abatement worker course as well as any other recognized “lead safe work practices” courses.

What do I have to do to become a lead safe certified renovator?

In order to become a certified renovator an individual must:


  • Complete the 8 Hour EPA RRP Lead Safe Certified Renovator Training Course, or
  • If the individual has already completed an accredited abatement worker or supervisor course or completed any course designated by the EPA or HUD as a renovation training course the individual must complete the EPA RRP Lead Renovator Refresher course which is now available entirely online.
Where Can I find Lead Certification Training in New York?

New York Lead Certification Training Courses are provided by Able Safety Consulting in all areas of New York. To sign up for a class click the link below or call 888.926.4727 for more information.

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Who are the trainers and how do I know if there accredited?

Able Safety Consulting is an EPA accredited training provider that has been providing the EPA RRP Lead Safe Renovator Course for 7 years. View Our Accreditation here. You can also find our company on the EPA government website by going to EPA.gov/lead and searching for our company.

Other than training, what else do I need in order to be in compliance?

In addition to training, your firm must become an accredited Renovation Firm by applying to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The registration fee is $300, separate from the training fee, and accreditation is valid for 5 years. You must have both the training certificate and the firm certificate present on all qualifying job sites.

Before your individual certificate expires you must renew your certification by completing a 4-hour lead refresher course. A new EPA rule has allowed this course to be provided entirely online.

What are the responsibilities of a firm?

In addition to obtaining a Renovation Firm License, firms performing renovations must ensure that:

  • All persons performing renovation activities are certified renovators or have received on-the-job training by a certified renovator;
  • A certified renovator is assigned to each renovation performed by the firm; and
  • All renovations are performed in accordance with applicable work practice standards.

How long is the accreditation good for?

EPA-Accredited Firms will have to re-apply for re-certification every 5 years. To maintain individual certification, a person must go through an accredited refresher course every 5 years.