How to comply with the EPA Lead Safe Renovator Certification  – Disregarding these requirements could cost you 37,500!

The EPA requires individuals who perform renovations, repairs or painting on multi-home dwellings that were built prior to 1978 to receive a lead certification. The rule states that renovators who disturb more than six square feet in these spaces must test for lead based paint and work lead safe if lead is present.

Does This Apply To Me?

Starting in April 22nd, 2010, the EPA put a rule in place that required firms performing renovation, repair or painting activities that may disturb lead based paint in homes built prior to 1978 to become EPA or state certified. These firms are also required to use certified renovators who have completed lead-safe training courses to perform their work. This rule apply’s to a number of different practices including in-house maintenance and a variety of outside contractors. In order to become certified individuals must participate in an EPA Accredited lead safety training course. Fore more Information take a look at the Renovate Right Small Compliance Guide

What Steps Should I Take To Ensure Compliance?

  1. Sign up for an EPA Accredited training course. Sign up Here or call 888.9264727
  2. Apply to the EPA for a firm certification. Apply Here
  3. Complete a lead safety training course
  4. Inform the EPA of your certification


EPA Accredited Training Courses

In order to become a lead safe certified renovator individuals must complete an initial 8-hour training course provided by an EPA accredited training provider. Able Safety is EPA accredited and offers quality training throughout the United States both in-person and online. Able Safety’s experienced instructors will guide you to make the right decisions when dealing with lead and help you to avoid fines that could cost you big time. The initial 8-hour training course will grant you certification for 5 years. Before this 5 year certification expires, individuals are advised to participate in the EPA RRP refresher course.

The EPA RRP Refresher

The EPA RRP refresher course was put in place to keep renovators up to date with new rules and updated work practices as well as remind them of the training received during their initial course. The RRP Refresher is a 4-hour course that will re-certify individuals for another 5 years. On February 19, 2016 the EPA approved a new rule allowing training providers to provide lead re-certification courses entirely online.


Renewing Your Lead Safe Renovator Certification Online

Renewing your lead certification online has made RRP renewal simple and easy. Becoming re-certified is only a few simple steps away!

  1. Register at
  2. Participate in the 4-hour E-learning course
  3. Take the Exam
  4. Print Your Certificate

I enjoyed the 8-hour initial course provided by able safety. The instructors were very informative and answered any questions I had. Thank again!

Nick Diaz


I participated in Able Safety’s EPA RRP refresher course. It was fast and simple. Being able to stop and start at anytime made it possible for me to fit this course into my busy schedule

Marc Santiago


EPA RRP Lead safe Certification Online